True Stories

Sadly, lots of kids live with family violence, so you’re not alone. These stories below are all true stories from people who grew up with violence and abuse in their family. They talk about what happened, how they felt and how they survived.

They also share what they would like to say to you, if you’re going through anything like this too.


We grew up in a very dangerous environment and would lay awake to shouting and screaming. Over time it became the usual for us. It wasn’t unusual to have police come over, and then it would start all over again…

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The worst thing was that mum never told him off for the way he treated me, so I started to believe it was my fault. Mum would just say ‘don’t upset him, do what he says, he’s your father’. She never defended me from my dad. She was scared to stand up to him because he intimidated her…

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He told me that his dad is often angry and aggressive towards his mum. I suggested telling a teacher, but he said no. It was hard ‘cos I was worried for him, but he trusted me, and I didn’t want to break his trust…

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The student wellbeing coordinator at school organised me to go to a counsellor, I didn’t want to go but it has actually been ok. The counsellor has taught me how to deal with stress…

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Last year we ended up going to a refuge. Mum got me from school and said we had to pack up before my step-dad came home. The refuge just looked like a normal house, but it was miles away from where we lived…

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We never knew when dad would erupt, or what would set him off. Dad was convinced that as a male, he was the head of the house, and he’d punish me for sitting in ‘his’ chair at the end of the table. He began to yell at mum more and more frequently…

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I hated going to school – I couldn’t concentrate. Who could be bothered with it – everyone sitting up nicely doing their work and me pretending I wasn’t worried about going home to protect my mum and siblings again…

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