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We are the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and we help people understand:

  • What family violence is
  • Why it happens
  • Where to get help
  • How to help others

About this website

If something at home is not okay, this website is for you.
Find out what to do, where to go and how to get help.



You’re not alone


Family violence is NOT okay



This is NOT your fault


You can talk to someone and get help


Your feelings are normal


Take care of yourself


This site includes stories from kids who have experienced family violence.


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What’s up at home?

How to recognise family violence

What should I do?

What to do, who to call, how to keep safe and help a friend

Staying Safe

How to make a plan with a trusted adult

How to deal

Ways to deal with your feelings

Talk to someone

How to find and talk to someone you can trust

Where to find help

People and places you can contact for help


Frequently asked questions about family violence

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