Information for trusted adults

If you think there is a child or teenager who is in immediate danger call Victoria Police on 000 (triple zero).


This site is for young people who are experiencing or witnessing family violence in their home and needing information, advice and support.Family violence can have a devastating impact on kids, even if they don’t see the abuse or experience it directly themselves. Children know when something is not right at home, and even hidden abuse occurring to someone in their family is a form of abuse on them. If a child or young person has asked you to look at this website, it means they trust you, and they might be scared that family violence is happening in their home.

They need your help and support, so this section is to help you know what to do, where to get help, information about the law, contact numbers for services and guidance on how you can make a difference in a young person’s life. Your support for a child or teenager experiencing family violence is crucial, but you don’t have to feel like you have all the answers, the following information and resources will help you. If you are ever in doubt, you can contact a confidential specialist hotline to ask for more advice, or look through the rest of this website for more information.

Everyone must now report suspected child sexual abuse by law

Legal obligations differ depending on your role in the child’s life but all adults in Victoria MUST report child sexual abuse to Victoria Police Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team. Failure to act is an offence.

No matter what, if any child or young person tells you that something bad is happening at home, believe them. Listen to them. Stay in their life. Be someone they can trust, reach out to, talk to and that could make all the difference.