Staying Safe

If you ever feel scared at home, talk to an adult you trust.

Never get in the middle of a fight! Call someone else for help instead.

If anyone is in danger, call 000 and ask for the police.

When you call 000, the operator will help you but the conversation will be something like this:

Find a safe place to make the phone call (like locked in the bathroom or under the bed)

Call 000

The operator will answer,

Then you say “Police”

Tell them your name: “My name is ________________________”

Tell them your address “I live at (street name, number, town and state) _______________.”

Tell them: “I need help. Someone is being hurt”

WHAT IS a safety plan?

People who feel scared at home can make a safety plan that helps them know what to do when they don’t feel safe.

You might need a safety plan if:

  • Someone in your family is making others feel afraid and unsafe
  • Your parents fight a lot
  • People throw things at each other
  • People or pets get hurt
  • Anyone is making threats

If this sounds like what’s happening at home, talk to your mum or a trusted adult about making a safety plan together using the steps below.

Here’s an example of one:

Safety planning steps

Step 1 of 4

    • We will send you a copy of this Safety Plan
    • Step 1: Collect phone numbers

      Make a list of all the adults who could help you – this could be a neighbor that you trust, a friend’s parent or teacher. Add them to your phone if you have one. Talk to each person about your safety plan and what you would like them to do if you call.
    • Safe phone numbers


If you print your safety plan, keep it hidden somewhere safe. Make sure your school counselor or another trusted adult has a copy of your plan.

Keep it fresh

Talk to your trusted adult about making a new safety plan if things change, they can help think of more ideas.