What's up at home


Whether you call them your mob, your relos, your clan or your people, all kinds of families are sometimes awesome and sometimes annoying.

Your family might have step-parents, half-sisters, foster brothers, adopted cousins, even friends. Families are the people who care for each other while growing up.

Some families can feel scary or confusing. Sometimes families fight, but it’s not okay if someone is often feeling scared.

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“I didn’t know there was family violence between my mum and dad. He’d never hit her but he’d yell at her. That look in his eye kept her under his control.”

what is family violence

Family violence is when someone in your family is making someone else feel scared, bullied or unsafe.

It’s not just about hitting, punching, or kicking. It can also include:

  • Scaring
  • Controlling
  • Bullying

That person can be:

  • a parent, foster parent, step-parent or carer
  • a parent’s partner or ex-partner
  • grandparent
  • aunt or uncle
  • brother or sister

Even if they are hurting someone else, it can be really scary and upsetting for you.

“We were all scared. He would demand perfect school results and swear and smash the table. Dad gave the silent treatment whenever mum tried to disagree.”

Family violence is not okay.

How to recognise family violence

Family violence includes sexual, emotional, psychological, financial threats and control that happen in a pattern. Things like:

Physical abuse
Emotional/psychological abuse
Controlling / financial / social abuse
Sexual abuse

You're not alone

Lots of kids have grown up with violence including famous people.

Violence in your family can make you feel sick, scared, angry and confused. It can affect your feelings, relationships, school work and friendships.

Sometimes dad would be nice but he also made me and mum scared. When he got upset I thought it was my fault, but now I know there’s people should never be cruel to their family. I still love him, in a way, but I really don’t like how he treated us.”

youre not alone

Remember that family violence is NOT YOUR FAULT and that it is never okay.

Talk to a grown up you trust.

They can help you plan to stay safe.

There are ways to deal with your feelings.

And services you can contact for help.

Remember that family violence is NOT YOUR FAULT and that it is never okay.